Abington Hospital - Jefferson Health

Founded more than a century ago, Abington Hospital - Jefferson Health is the regional perinatal referral hospital serving Montgomery and Bucks County in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  

You have many options.

Most parents hope that their baby will not need special help.  That's our hope too.  Should the need arise, however, Abington-Jefferson and Newborn Special Care Associates are among the most experienced newborn healthcare team in our region. 

For Maternity Care & High Risk Deliveries, Abington-Jefferson Health is the highest rated in our region.  - The Leapfrog Group       Compare Maternity Hospitals [click here]

Special Care Nursery (SCN) -- Level 3 NICU

The Andrew Tesauro Special Care Nursery at Abington (SCN) is a 34 bed fully-accredited Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  This is the most advanced designation granted by the state of Pennsylvania.  Abington's SCN is staffed 24hrs a day by on-site Neonatologists and Neonatal Nurse Practitioners from Newborn Special Care Associates, PC.  We are among the most experienced neonatal professionals in the region and are proud to partner with more than 100 neonatal nurse clinicians, lactation specialists, respiratory therapists, social workers, physical therapists, speech/occupational therapists, and pharmacists to deliver the best possible outcomes to our community. 

Advanced Technologies Available Include:

  • High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation
  • Non-invasive Ventilation Strategies
  • Therapeutic Hypothermia for Neonatal Encephalopathy
  • Inhaled Nitric Oxide for Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure
  • On-site pediatrics subspecialty services
  • Enhanced Necrotizing Enterocolitis Risk-Reduction Strategies for Babies less than 28weeks gestation.
    • Banked Human Breastmilk
    • Human milk-based Human Milk Fortifier
    • On site Lactation Consultants
  • NICVIEW video streaming platform for parents

Prenatal Consultation

Prenatal consultations are typically initiated when an expectant mother is referred by her obstetrician or maternal-fetal medicine physician when there is a prenatal issue or a risk for prematurity.  We are happy to arrange to meet expectant mothers either as an outpatient or inpatient.  Tours of our facilites can also be arranged by appointment.  Please call 215-481-4986 for outpatient appointments.  

Newborn Nurseries and Postpartum Unit

The Newborn (Well) Nurseries at Abington are part of the Postpartum Unit where mothers and babies are taken care of together.  Our staff will be available to care for your child if your general pediatrician or family physician is not available for inpatient care at Abington, or if you have not yet chosen a provider for your newborn.  Our providers unfortunately do not provide outpatient general pediatric newborn care. 

We encourage all expecting or new mothers to choose a provider as soon as possible to ensure the most efficient care of your baby. 

Of course, our staff is always available for immediate neonatology consultation if requested by your provider.

Hearing Screening

Pennsylvania State mandates that all newborns be tested for congenital hearing loss.  During your stay at Abington Memorial Hospital, hearing tests are administered by hearing technicians and nurses who work under Newborn Special Care Associates, PC.   


We collaborate closely with our excellent staff of general pediatricians, our obstetric colleagues, and our pediatric subspecialist colleagues.  Below are available Subspecialists at Abington: