Second Annual Ralph Schrager Memorial Golf Tournament was on October 15, 2018 at the Commonwealth National Golf Club in Horsham, PA

Thank you to everyone who made it to this wonderful event. Your participation made it another wonderful success.

The Parent Trip: Martha and Paul Sharkey of Wyndmoor.  By Andee Hochman, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Paul marked each hour.  The neonatologist at Abington Hospital-Jefferson Health said that every day the twins remained in utero strengthened their chances of survival. Martha had been there since the start of her 23d week, when her pregnancy suddenly took a turn for the scary. (click for full article)

The Parent Trip: Lisa and Fred Hardenbrook of Willow Grove.  By Andee Hochman, Philadelphia Inquirer.

It was the snapshot with Goofy that grabbed her heart.  Even before a date for drinks turned into a four-hour conversation, even before she realized she hadn't stopped laughing all night, Lisa was smitten with Fred's eHarmony picture, taken on a family trip to Disney World. (full article)

The Parent Trip: Vanessa and Kevin Magee, 41 of Horsham. By Andee Hochman, Philadelphia Inquirer.

When Vanessa, near the end of her second trimester, woke up to a bed wet with amniotic fluid and blood, she was certain this pregnancy was a gamble gone bad.  She and Kevin already had one child - 3-year-old Brooke, a surprise baby who was born on Halloween. (full article)

Evolving Techniques Improve Premies Chances of Survival.  By Michael Vitez, Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Eliahna Riley Silva was born at 10:50 a.m. April 18, weighing one pound and 3.7 ounces. Evan Edward Obert-Thorn arrived six hours later at a much more manly one pound, 4.7 ounces.  (full article)

Abington Memorial Hospital Introduces Parents of Sextuplets to the Public.  By Stacy Burling.  Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Abington Memorial Hospital introduced the parents of sextuplets born there last week - Brendan and Stacey Carey of Feasterville - but all that was shown of the babies Monday morning was a fuzzy ultrasound. (full article)

Abington Sextuplets Turn One.  By Stephanie Stahl.  CBS3 Philadelphia

Identical Triplets Born in Montgomery County.  CBS3 Philadelphia

Boy's joy overflows at becoming CB South Homecoming King. 6ABC Philadelphia

Congratulations to NSCA Office Assistant Nick McGee for becoming Homecoming King at Central Bucks South!